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Been playing at T3 to T8, but I don't see any benefit in higher levels. Shifted up to T12 and ran a few rifts. After dying a lot as the gear doesn't protect at all, my damage was adequate but health is an issue, lol. The items (Greens & Ancient) that I recieved were of the same quality as in lower levels(??). I am trying to upgrade my Death Wish from 1.9K damage to 3K damage but playing at T12 does no good.

I assume that the qualifying factor is Paragon points, as they will improve health, resiliency and damage as one increases the point count. Does reforge correlate with Paragon level?

Thoughts or advice?

Paragon is but also gear is as important. You have have low paragon but really good gear and you can do t16. Just keep farming but don't grind as you'll get burn out. Farm and enjoy the game. Give it about 2 weeks of farming, you'll get some upgrades.
If it's about Lelana, I see several issues. First of all - what kind of build are you trying to play? Archon? EB? Meteor? You have usable items but your skills are all over the place. I will assume you have RoRG in the cube to make use of Tal Rasha. But then you only use fire and arcane skills and as such you are not making use of Tal Rasha efficiently. That's a huge issue for offensive and defensive power.

The main issue regarding survival is that you don't use an armor skill and you don't have enough damage mitigation - apart from Blur and TR 4 bonus which is insufficient for wizards beyond a certain torment level. At least at your paragon rank. Also you are wearing Etched Sigil while also having it in the cube - that's pointless and wasting a slot. I will come back to this later on...

How to fix that - I would suggest concentrating on one build - for example a Channel/Meteor one since you have TR items. Molten Impact is bad because it has a cooldown, so switch Meteor to either Meteor Shower or Thundercrash. This choice will gate your options for other skill slots, so make sure that you understand how Tal Rasha works... Thundercrash is Lightning damage and hits immediately but you need to aim at mobs while Meteor Shower is Fire and spreads over a larger area but is a little slower in return. This will be your main damage dealer. You have to build around it.

Now for the other skills... the most important thing is that you get four TR stacks. As such, I would suggest that you use Ray of Frost / Numb for your cold stack. It's a channel skill so while you cast it, Death Wish and Etched Sifil will work. It's also a cheap skill and has a built in cc effect, which is excellent for BotT gem. Then it depends on your Meteor rune. If it's lightning based, you need fire, so I would suggest Disintegrate/Convergence. If it's fire based, you should consider Disintegrate/Chaos Nexus. I will elaborate why Arcane Dis might be good in a Shower build later on. With this you have either Fire/Cold/Arcane or Lightning/Cold/Fire covered. For a Meteor Shower you need Lightning as the final element and you could use Black Hole/Supermassive or Arcane Torrent/Static Discharge... both have their respective charm. Thundercrash on the other hand needs Arcane and if you want mobility you now can use Teleport/Calamity to get this, or Black Hole, Event Horizon... or any other arcane skill.

Now you have four skill slots used and two open for support. For the first of those I strongly recommend Storm Armor, Power of the Storm and Halo of Karini ring along with it. That's more than enough damage reduction. Replace Convention of Elements if you need, because that one has a fixed buff rotation and is not too good for farming. You can keep it, if you drop RoRG. This will be possible if you wear Tal Rasha offhand. You can do that because you have ES in the cube. But I won't recommend this. It's much better for your farming speed (and safety) to replace ES with Aetherwalker. That's if you play with Teleport... otherwise keep Sigil in the cube and use TR source.

okay, now let's see

Meteor Shower Variant:
Skills are Meteor, RoF, Dis, BH/AT and Storm Armor... leaves one. You can now either opt for mobilty and use Teleport (plus Aether Walker) or Safety, which would could mean Magic Weapon, Defection (shield).

Thundercrash Variant:
Skills are Meteor, RoF, Dis, Teleport and Storm Armor... here I would suggest to use Magic Weapon, Deflection for sure, because everything else is covered.

For the Passive skills... UA is a given, as is Audacity and Power Hungry. I can recommend Temporal Flux in an Arcane Disintegrate build, because you will love the slow effect (Meteors hit way easier and BotT is triggered on wide range without having to rely on Templar or RoF for that). The more defensive variant would be Galvanizing Ward or Unwavering Will. Then, Teleport based builds could use Astral Presence, because hopping around will consume plenty AP. Some RCR affixes on gear, the Templar skill and ApoC on the source will surely help as well. The choice is up to you.

While we are at it, in a Meteor Channel build replace shoulders with Mantle of Channeling asap, because that's adds to damage and DR while channeling which is good. For a channel build it's also not too bad to use Hergbrash... put that one in the cube (replacing Fazula) and your AP management while channeling is covered once and for all. It would also be good to take a look at certain items, like gloves, where you should reroll an affix to crit damage.

If you do all that, Torment 12 will be more or less childs play as long as you keep your TR stacks up and make sure that the Karini/Storm Armor effect is active... T16 is also doable with this. And then it's farming for better gear.

Good luck.
/climbs on soapbox

Drops are the main issue with D3. 80% of the legendaries in the game are absolutely useless. you are hunting for a certain roll of a certain legendary with a 10% chance of being ancient. If all legendaries were competitive, the game would feel much better.

The game sounds great. The game *looks* great. The game simply just doesn't play right. The disparity between maps, density, and items is simply TOO vast.
Thanks Lexa, plays much better, I still die, but that's on me having to get use to the new setup. I'll try T14 after I get comfortable with build.
06/17/2019 06:54 PMPosted by TheMuffinMan
Thanks Lexa, plays much better, I still die, but that's on me having to get use to the new setup. I'll try T14 after I get comfortable with build.
Don't push too hard. T13 is okay for farming, as long as you can clean efficiently, You will find better gear eventually and once you get a few upgrades, you can raise the difficulty. Focus on your weapon first because it's quite weak.
Lol, just saw your post. Played good on T14 as such moved up to T16 today, did good but had to employ strategy to constently attack as I can't take too many hits. But it works great, I will back off to T13-14, its much easier.

I have not seen any better gear but it will come. I play solo, is there any real benefit to playing public?

06/18/2019 10:30 PMPosted by TheMuffinMan
I play solo, is there any real benefit to playing public?


The XP and magic find is increased significantly for each person in the game.

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