Ruby gems for Vyr Archon Wizard

Is it really worth to socket 5 ruby gems on Vyr Archon Wizard?

How much defense that the 5 ruby gems can help/offer in survivability to the point that people were willingly to trade 5 topaz over it at the high GR?
Well since you don't get anymore Armor from Para's past 800, thoose 5 ruby will always give you around same amount of survivability.

But the 5 topaz will give you less and less dmg once you get higher Paras.
At 10k int, 1k int will give you 10% dmg when at 30k int it will only give you 3%.
At high Paragon is basically INT class version of using Diamonds. INT classes get All Resist from INT so are lacking in Armor same as STR/DEX classes getting Armor from main stat and lacking in All Resist.
It's not only for high GRs. It's also for high Paragon, or augmentation. As Mikihisa said, you get diminishing returns on your INT.
dead wiz with yellow gems = less dmg
alive wiz with red gems = more dmg

It helps a bit, but putting rubies in sockets is not the same effect as putting diamonds in armor for those builds with strength and dexterity. I put them in when going for higher GR's as the build is so squishy when not in Archon mode

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