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I've been playing other games on something not my PC, in fact I bought this game on my XBOX One, but have put in too much time here to switch to a new (and not Collectors') over there. But there is one thing very different. . .

I can usually find someone to help me with things on the XBOX. I have found very few extremely nice folks that take their time to help me and answer questions and even play the game with me, but mostly my questions are met with silence. No one types back, or says anything. Often times it makes me want to go back and play my XBOX games, where people seem much more friendly.

I wouldn't give up the great folks I have met here, but I do wish there were more good folks like 'em, instead of the usual trolls and people that just ignore.

I bought this game the same day it came out, but I don't remember a lot of stuff, so I often try to get help. I don't remember how to make the headset work with the game. I don't understand some of how things work, but really get downhearted when no one will answer me or help.

Just feeling like no one gives a rat's patootie!
Headset works with D3 the same as anything else. Plug it in and sound goes through it.

If you mean voice chat, that requires a 3rd party program. Lots of people use Discord nowadays.
help you with what, exactly?

There are always players willing to help do farming runs or whatever, but if it's something like powerleveling or asking for free stuff just so your game is easier to play, I'm not surprised no one will help you. I honestly turned off the public chat a long time ago, it was constant spam of people asking to be powerleveled, or asking to leach off of higher levels of the same class so they could get drops.

People tend to not like lazy moochers and leaches, it doesn't make them unfriendly though.
If you are asking in general chat for someone to help you with technical issues like getting your headset to work, I am not surprised no one wants to. Do you think an IT professional who is chilling out playing his favorite game after a day at work wants to stop just to do more work for free?

You posted here, so it is clear you have a web browser and can use it. I am unclear why you want people in chat to help you with your problems rather than using Google like the rest of us do.
I believe some stuffs can be told or offered to be help some just cannot be explain & if you bothered you should not be even asking.

Say you are Player A

Player A: is hammerdin good?
other player: I dun know it depends on yourself but condem or BS is better
Player A: so if I want to build hammerdin wt set is better arkans or seekers?
other player: seekers better
Player A: why better?

other player: ….
player A: ok nvm but wt gear must I go for?
other player: ....

if you expect some1 to type in ammy, rings, what to cube, sheild & weapon. let me know if your other friends is good for telling you all this on message box :)

IMO if you cannot be bother to check the gears you need you will not be bother to gear up & test to your fullest in any way... you just give up halfway & move on

I'm trying to understand your ?/ it about help in the game or help with equipment?

But...I will assume...which I don't care to do a it's also about help within the game itself. Well...that's a long one as so many variables are at play not to mention times and gamers are a bit different now than 5-10 years ago...and it doesn't matter what or which game, it's all the same everywhere you go.

For Diablo...the player base now is no-where it once was years ago and that's a fact. If you were on back then, you would probably be divulged with answers left & right. Not to say there's no-one wanting to...just no-where the number that once was.

But second....I've been around playing games longer than some were in diapers....and I can say the attitude...and language has shifted to more lets says...arrogant self-absorbing, self-fulfillment, I'm first, you're an idiot mindset.

I'm playing several games at the moment...Warframe, Destiny, Path of Exile, Division 2....and others...and I can say in game trade, chat, to forums...there's always plenty with crude, talk-to-you-as-a-idiot, cussing like drunken bikers on a weekend, name calling, personal attacks, left & was very minor long ago, usually looked at childless and immature but now; almost the norm.

But as to game or technical...using a search engine...I like Bing or one said is your friend. Knowledge is key...and that applies to's invaluable and needed. Yes, we all ask for a little help but a lot of times you get silence so you have to take the initiative yourself....keep us posted and good luck...
Farming keys or bounties i dont even bother plugging in a head if someone is ignoring u, they might not actually be ignoring u so to speak

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