Vyr 2p 132 video (monk perspective)

06/23/2019 08:11 AMPosted by MajinRyan
06/23/2019 08:02 AMPosted by happynikon
No. All wrong in both accounts. Try again. I doubt you can even pull 128. LOL. Keep talking though. Plus, no one invited your opinion. Keep playing. You have a long way to go.

I already have 128 2 player on seasonal at 1501 paragon, check the leaderboard you idiot.

The OP never invited your opinion on his monk either, so now you are also being a hypocrite lol. Get mad kid.

Edit: I just noticed the wizard that carried you for your nonseasonal 128 clear is over 5000 paragon with mostly primal GG gear....LOL! You have a long way to go bud.

LOL. I'm not your bud and the wiz I played with couldn't do it. I have no control of that.

Your comeback are weak by repeating what I said. Are you lonely? And I'm not interested in LB as I'm not a social climber like your little weak !@#. Are you the OPs little !@#$%^? You sound like you love to kiss -*!. OP does not need side chicks like you to stand up for him.

Quit being a wanna be. I bet your paragon is based on being a Z mostly so you can get carried in higher GR.
06/22/2019 08:46 PMPosted by happynikon
Not here to argue and just discussing what's best. I asked a friend to do 132 but we didn't finish as he doesn't have enough damage but as you can see on the video, my spirit and life doesn't drain as fast as yours. We gave up before the video (at 1:09 as he was already !@#$%ing about the mobs LOL) as the timer is was already ahead and he already knew we couldn't pull this off from the get go. LOL I guess I need to find a high DPS wiz to see it through the end.

Also I play manually as I don't have macro as I just pressed the buttons in rhythm. We did a 128 and finished.

Your spirit doesn't drain fast because you're not playing right. Also, really? You're playing with a 5k wizard and claiming he doesn't have enough damage...? Come on...


Here this is that 141 I mentioned. You need to be much more active as a zmonk in 2p and 3p otherwise you're dragging your team down. You need to get better, to be completely frank. I made some mistakes in that video (chief among them not noticing that one song was on my youtube playlist lol), but that should give you some idea.

You need to either numlock or macro (I use my Logitech mouse, which I believe is perfectly legal last I checked) your aura. Otherwise your wizard is losing a LOT of durability. You can see that in that video the times where I turn it off while moving or something and then forget to turn it back on it just wrecks him. (like at 1:41; I was REALLY lucky he didn't die there or that would have totally been my fault)
Thanks. Yeah, I was baffled as why he couldn't do it. We did 2 runs and he kept moving. Maybe he should have stayed and 2 min went by and he wasn't killing alot. But he stayed alive throughout.

I dunno. I'm so used to just pressing on rhythm and it's been working fine while on discord. Maybe using star pact wiz I'll use a macro as I can never time the sequence but I hardly play that. I mainly play zmonk, Vyr chan, and RGK DH.

I'll keep looking for a good wiz and post a vid soon. I'm on the beach this week so maybe next week.
It's like.... everything I just said went in one eyeball and out the other...
06/24/2019 08:56 PMPosted by StoleOwnCar
It's like.... everything I just said went in one eyeball and out the other...

Lol, just leave him be StolenOwnCar.

Going back to the clear. I am curious how much stacks your Wizard friend have on average when the double stack is gone?

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