Vyr's/Chant APD vs ABB, what wins?

Okay been seeing the top 10 solo wiz LBs switch between these two bracers, which one is actually better? I'm going to assume APDs wins solo, and maybe Blood bracers win group setting with zdps in mind? Is that assumption correct or is APD just straight up better? Especially if you're using stun bubble.

Thanks in advance!

Disclaimer - Keeping in mind if I have the monk+barb zdps, I won't even bother with either, Strongarms ftw!
APD is good only if you are actively cheesing rifts for it to be worth it.
APD is really only good if you have a source of stun out of Archon. That is when you are at your squishiest.

I've plaed Vyr's with APDs running Aether Walker + TP: Calamity. It's tricky though, the stun is so short that you really need to hop back and forth across packs to avoid building CC immunity, you'll get wrecked fast if you don't.

APDs also make sense for the double-element Primus setup as you get Point of No Return.

Outside of that, you won't have a consistent source of stuns out of Archon, which is when you'd want the mitigation from APDs the most.

Blood Bracers should play the most consistent and make the most sense for the majority of players, unless you happen to be playing a build variant with a reliable source of stuns other than the freeze from cold Archon abilities.

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