Series 17, Progressing past Torment 1?

Technical Support
I had this issue last season where changing my difficulty level above Torment 1. I have finished the whole season and most of the challenge that follows it. I have tried all that was suggested last season: I have restarted my computer, I have restarted the game repeatedly, I have done the whole story line, I have done the Greater rifts solo all the way to Torment 13. Last night, my son and I successfully Greater Rifted to Level 83. We both started the season at the same time and he can select any Torment level he wants and I cannot select above Torment 1. I need help! Can someone tell me what I need to do to unlock this part of my season? Is there something I need to do differently? Is there tech support needed in my situation?
Win10? The right arrow button on diff lvl screen not responding?
Then try switching to other display mode: Fullscreen, Windowed, Windowed(Fullscreen)
Thx Maskraider, I was having the same problem.
So awesome Maskraider! This worked! Now I can try and finish my set dungeon!

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