Disconnects ruining hard core

I am fully aware of Blizzard's policy that in HC play dead is dead, without regard to the reasons for that death. Over the years I have lost a few HC characters due to disconnects and reasons beyond the player's control. However, this season the problem has become all too common. I just lost my third character this season due to a disconnect. I have also survived several disconnects where I was lucky enough to not get killed. In either case, erratic and random connection problems are sucking all the fun out of playing hard core. Blizzard needs to come up with a workable solution if it wants to keep HC viable.
I just started my first HC character last week. I never had a disconnect playing regular guys, and I had my first disconnect yesterday. Luckily, I did not die though. Is it just an HC issue?
I haven't noticed any unusual disconnects on HC. I play both SC and HC. As a matter of fact none this season. Maybe I've been lucky.
the problem is not disconnecting (a gaming company can never sanely promise to do anything about issues beyond their own network of servers), and most people, if you look into it, agree that diablo 3 actually has a very impressive history of server stability and fair warnings as to when a player can expect to disconnect (maintenance or sudden issues being worked on).

What the developers (at the the very least, ONE of them) has the power to do (and refuses to do for unclear reasons) is to remove or lower the 10 second timer in place. If you instantly exit the game (outside town) or are disconnected for any reason (my favorite is a simple power outage) your character is standing still, fully vulnerable to monsters for a full 10 seconds after the disconnection (and this is the ideal, intended scenario; things can get glitchy and force your character to be standing there even longer than the 10 second duration).

This vulnerability timer is meant to stop people from using an e-z exit to save themselves...i don't know why it is so important to stop cowardly players from abusing such an option. The cowardly did in d2, but people died quite often while ATTEMPTING to ditch game, so...whatever; it is a priority in somebody's mind.

Anyhow, nobody is confused about the reasoning behind it (although it would be much more sensible to just let cowards be cowards and stop killing the rest of our characters unfairly)

What is objectively (not really, but pretty much) insane is the length of the timer. 4 seconds would still represent the stupidly excessive prevention of split-second escapists...oh, and this would still cause unfair deaths by disconnection, but at least less often...4 seconds would be exactly 60% more sane than the current length.

we want to die WHILE PLAYING; not because of an electrical hick-up.

Anyhow, I feel you, man. I just thought your frustration was aimed in a slightly wrong direction.

Think about it: would disconnecting even bother you (or the rest of rightfully pissed off HC players suffering illegitimate deaths) if this bizarre, unaddressed timer wasn't in place?

The damned thing is foolish: somebody didn't think about it, or actually believed (maybe still does) it is worth letting thousands of characters die to disconnection if it means stopping those damned, dirty cowards who would dare to play their game, but then have the audacity to make a quick exit when things get too hairy...I mean, I know most Hardcore players (even if they don't care the way I do) see the validity of my sarcasm, and agree that the timer after leaving was always weird; that it caused a much bigger problem than it ever solved.

So many of us have placed so many complaints of the same nature and gotten no logical response.

The timer is your real problem and is truly a poor mechanic to keep in the game. I guess the game is too old to be hopeful for a correction nowadays, but you may as well try to convince somebody. Blizzard USED to actually listen to players. Could be somebody is still kicking around that gives a damn.

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