Arcane skill Deals X% more damage

Does "arcane skill X% deal more damage" improve archon damage?

With Vyr's Arcana set it will get all the runes and the damage type is arcane because arcane skills has the highest skill bonus.

With Chantado's will it do 4000% weapon damage/0.5s.

All what archon does then applies as arcane damage, even the 4000% weapon damage and all of it"s abilities?
I think you're trolling, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Vyrs activates the effect of all runes. It deals the highest type of elemental damage on your gear. If you have no +elemental damage, it does default to Arcane.

If you play with Chantodo's set, there is a bug you need to be aware of. You need to select the ARCANE Archon rune in order for Chantodo's to receive the benefit of +Arcane % damage on gear.

If you wanted Chantodo's to deal Fire % damage, you'd need to have the Fire Archon rune, as well as have more % Fire damage on gear. The runes have to match...for some strange reason.

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