Your desires/priorities for Wizard in S-18?

07/06/2019 04:04 PMPosted by LaurensI
Id like explosive blast to be 130+!
And i dont want channeling variant..

So i do hope they buff orb of infinte depth to something like 200% dmg to eb & Some gg shoulders like eb gains all runes & 50% cdr reduce

Also id hope they nerf deathwish so iT shouldnt be used in all non archon builds.

Also id have hope for hydra

While there is no question Wand of Woh is showing it's age and needs to be brought up to par, why would you advocate for a DW nerf?
I would like to see a melee Wizard build for season 18, obviously it would need toughness and mobility, not sure what items/sets would have to be adjusted for that.

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