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Hello there,

I’ve got the the issue with creating Hellfire amulets or rings.
I can’t get the body parts of the uberboses dropped in the realms whatsoever. And I’ve done /or I’m doing the realms (terror, fright etc.) in like 20 seconds or something, which means I believe I’ve done these more then enough. I’m on T7. Needless to say it’s not the gold that would be the problem. Oh, I’ve forgot to say there is no plan for the more expensive version of the Hellfire rings/amulets by the peddler, neither. No idea what’s going on. Is this a regression bug from few years back, or am I doing something wrong?

I’m currently on tournament level 7 (t7) with some 300+ paragons, gold there is more then enough, too. Version is the latest available, I guess.

Btw. Please don’t get me wrong, but you don’t seem to care about the console issues - there are rarely any responses being made by the blizzard staff or something in the Console Bug Report section, ain’t it?

Best regards,
Body parts are not on RoS.
Make sure the Jeweler is Level 12, then squirt will have a hellfire ring plan (not hellfire of "mainstat")

Leoric's Regret
Idol of Terror
Vial of Putridness
Heart of Evil

are what you should be collecting when destroying uber bosses.
I’ve reached the maximum rank for the jeweler (exactly 12, the same applies for all the other artisans) but even then I still can’t create any hellfire rings, that would need the body parts from the Uberbosses for that matter...where I can get these crafting materials?

So again - hellfire ring of intelligence or hellfire ring of strength, or hellfire ring of vitality, or hellfire ring of dexterity still can’t be created on my end. Any ideas?

Btw - no plans for such rings by the peddler. (As far as I know they should be for like 5.000.000, right?)

The strange thing is I see I could create some rings by Haedrig Eamon, unfortunately only such ring that when creating didn’t need these bloody “body parts” (so only those with Leoric’s regret and so on).

Ps.I’ve just bought again a plan for a hellfire ring for like 100.000, that used in it’s plan the three crafting materials - in this case it was Leoric’s regret, Idol of Terror and Vail of Putridness. The ring was crated - so far so good, but that’s not the ring I need. Or am I seeing it wrong?

As I said in my initial post - I’m not able to get the plan (that is supposed to be there to be purchased for like 5.000.000, but no such plan by the peddler), for the rings/amulets, OR , for some reason, I’m not able to get the body parts dropped when doing the realms and killing the Ueberbosses.

Let’s presume I’ve once bought the plan for this sort of jewellery and it can’t be bought again. That’s fine. But my question is then, where I can find the body parts from the Ueberboses the look of it not in the realms, then there all I get dropped are the Idol of Terror, Vial of Putridness, Heart of Evil or Leoric’s Regret.

What I’m doing wrong?

Ps. I’ve red somewhere I’d need to be on a lower level - 60 or something and then the needed body parts would drop. Is that true?

I’ve just red your reply once again ... you say “body parts” are not part of Reaper of why I’m seeing that Haedrig “could” do these rings at all?
Although I play PC version, some information should apply to Console versions as well.

HF ring has two plans, one for D3, costs 2 million gold. You got this one already. This plan need three organs that only available at char level 60.

The other for RoS, costs 5 million gold. It only appear when your hero reaches level 61+ AND in difficulty level T1+.
The RoS HF rings need four kinds of uber organs as mentioned by other.
You need to get the portal devices by killing keywardens of act 1-4, at difficulty level T1+ (only T4+ has 100% drop rate, T1-3 is not guarantee drop).
Then open the portals using the devices in a hut of act 1 town. You need to break the door of the hut near the healer in order to go inside. Kill the bosses to get organs.

Haedrig is a Blacksmith, he cannot craft ring. He can craft belt which thumbnail may look like a ring.
you cannot make hellfire of mainstat... you can only make hellfire ring.

the body part organs are not apart of ROS.

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