13% of Legendarys are being used

Out of curiosity, (and the fact I got one usable primal in over a month) I counted up all the items on a wizard loot table (excluding amulets; too wide variance) and calculated how many of those legendaries were used in builds.

27/202. The odds of a legendary being usable is approximately 13% (assuming all drops are equally weighted - they are not.) This doesn't include the chance it's Ancient (or Primal) which further reduces the odds. This also assumes the roll will be usable (it likely will not.)

Remember how D3 devs promised "All legendaries would be exciting, or build defining? Yeah, right.

TLDR; We need something to do with all these crap primals that drop, because the loot table is a joke and the odds of an item even being usable is like like 1.3%. (10% of 13%)

Suggestion: A Cube recipe the rerolls an an ancient item (keeping it ancient) using a primal.
This was brought up before. Doubt that it's going to change. Same with QOL changes.

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