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I'm trying to report a negative disturbance in one of my thread so deletion won't happen. The pop up window keeps saying "error report" providing no code. Something stills prevent me from reporting on the forums and this has happen many times before. I've flush dns, clear cookies of all settings,refresh, and log out to log in with no avail. I can't even contact support of the nature of the problem without having a premade display telling me what I need to do if this happens. I'm at a lost of how to do this and how to try other ways to contact support with a ticket.

I have all drivers up to date and have most important windows 8.1 updates. I have all recommended updates that was provided for me.

Here's my rig:

Geforce 920M
Geforce Experience version
Driver version 425.31
Intel (R) Core(TM) i5-4210M CPU @2.60GHz
7.92G RAM
Monitor 1366x768, 60Hz
When you use the report function on the forums it only allows you to type a short message. If you type too many characters it will pop an error but won't tell you WHY. Keep your report very short and it will go through. Also keep in mind forum moderation on weekends is pretty small.

In this case, you made a thread on General that mistakenly listed known game mechanics as "Easter eggs".

The Bounty with the spider cocoons has always had the option to produce a cow, treasure goblin, pack of elite monsters, or a human figure who portals away. You may not have noticed it until now, but those options have been there since the Bounty was put in the game.

The new Greed's Realm option for Ancient Puzzle rings is also not an Easter Egg. It was in the patch notes and was on the PTR where players extensively tested it.

Last, telling people how to post never goes over well, especially when you were the one who mistakenly thought those things were put into the game in some sort of secret or stealthy way.

You were told that - although not in the most polite way. You took it badly, accused the person of being off topic (they were not), spamming (they made a single post that was not spam) and of breaking the forum Code of Conduct (they did not). The one breaking the forum rules is you, by being aggressive and picking arguments. It is also against the rules to discuss forum moderation.

In this case, I have explained why you got the error, but you also need to realize you are in the wrong in this situation. What you were doing in that thread is defined by Blizzard as trolling. You made a statement that was not true (there were no stealth changes) and then you picked fights with everyone who told you those were not sneaky changes.

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