Death's bargain DoT build

Yea so I've been working on making the Death Bargain DoT effect fonction, at least for Torment X.
The idea was to stack up Life Regen with a few skills and passive from the Necromancer. Now there was the idea to use Inarius set 6 bonus which increase the Necromancer's damage by 10 000%, unfortunatly Death Bargain is coded as an item damage effect and not character damage. The best I was able to go was a mear 24M damage per tick (1 sec) with the DoT effect.

Here's where I figured out something. "If the inarius is based on Necromancer's damage. How about Items and set that boost damage without specifying anything?". With the community event active, easy to test without needing Legacy of nightmare set bonus.

Behold the result! IT WORKS! Now let see what else we can add...How about a 1h scythe + phylactery ancient for maximum increase.

"Trag'Oul's Corroded Fang"
The Cursed Scythe rune for Grim Scythe now has a 100% chance to apply a curse and you deal 179% increased damage to cursed enemies. (Necromancer Only) [150 - 200]%

We care only for the "you deal 179% increased damage to cursed enemies" since its not tied to cursed scythe and its any damage we deal, it increase the DoT if an ennemy is cursed. Place in the Aura of frality curse and be happy.
But wait! there's more...

"Reilena's Shadowhook"

You all know about it, no need to explain it, but if you need to, here is why we use it:
Every point of Maximum Essence increases your damage by 0.5%
Stack that essence man, you'll love it. Place it in your cube because we need to keep 1h scythe+phyl for ancient bonuses.

"What else is there?" Great question, not 100% sure but we can also use an ancient version of "Krysbin's Sentence"
You deal 95% increased damage against slowed enemies or triple this bonus against enemies afflicted by any other type of control-impairing effect.
Since its the same wording as the Cursed bonus, it should be fine, I am not using it right now because I don't have an ancient version and my cube slot is used by another item. Also we can triple the bonus with bone prison or the pulling effect from Briggs' Wrath but it is untested so use at your own risk.

"How do you sustain yourself?!" with mending skeletons and life on hit jewel in weapon, Devour Cannibalize (Each corpse consumed also restores 3% health) since we are not using the corpses for anything else, its good. Keep in mind that you need to be careful pass a certain Torment, but anything Torment X and below is very safe and easy to do.

"What's the best it can do?" Solo Greater rift 55 was completed without any issue and with over 8 minutes left. I have a confirmed 3.8B damage per tick without the ring wich might boost to 11.4B which is quite nice and with space for optimisation (Max regen on all items, Ancient Aquila Cuirass and better rolls)

"Videos?" Not right now as I don't have my pc set-up for it, but there will be a quick video run down to showcase the build.

I will update the post when needed, but you should have all the info you need to try it yourself.

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