Are you Hardcore enough?

Are you Hardcore enough to risk your Paragon Levels? What if Paragon levels in HC mode only, was per char only and not account wide. Wouldn't that make those specific toons that much more important when you have 1K+ Paragon levels on them? I like the idea of each specific toon mattering even more, what do you guys think?
I feel losing a ton of gear with perfect rolls, primals, legendary gem augmented gear and the personal attachment I have to a char is already sufficient to give me the thrill and pending doom that comes with Hardcore.

The Paragon transcending death for me personally offsets losing a character due to disconnect and/or a bug. And justifies (again for me personally) starting a new char. (Otherwise the saying only a fool does the same thing again and expects a different outcome would apply too much)

So in ways for me keeping the paragon makes up for losing a character not because I messed up but a weakness in the system.

As I have lost 2 chars to DC and a bug. (Which is not a lot, but still too much:)
I’m not a huge fan of losing paragon levels at death. The only thing that would do would be to discourage having multiple HC characters a season. I play HC even though I’m currently in Southwest Asia and I have an internet connection that barely rivals AOL dialup. I have lost two DH this season because they were too squishy. Went with a UE build and I can handle the sporadic rubberbanding far better. Sader Invoker set does well also with my current internet connection due to the tankiness of the build.
By the nature of hardcore yes it will make it all important. To me it stills be important and if I lose it it won't be a negative way. What I mean is when I lose that character I won't take it negative which is different with a brain respond that deals with immediate action of thinking. It will be a lesson learning for me and it will teach me things. Having ton of paragon can be a set back that's a risk and a trade off I will take.
I'm dead against it. Losing paragon levels will kill HC.

There's also how to implement it. What if you had 3 characters and one of them dies? Do you lose all the paragon levels on all 3? That's a heavy price to pay for a disconnect or server problems.
HC enough? I lose 5-6 toons to DC/lag a season, but I'm still here playing it. Isn't that enough? If I lost paragon as well as everything else, I would quit as would most everyone else. Are YOU HC enough to risk losing paragon and be the only one stupid enough to keep playing it? If so, gl to you.
IIRC - D3 Vanilla was like that .. Per Character Pargon.

I didn't play D3V HC so...Why not?
06/22/2019 04:15 PMPosted by Oddyseous
Are you Hardcore enough to risk your Paragon Levels?

Stupid post.

Get you HC paragon over 2k, then start making stupid posts and some will respect you.

To answer your concept in above post I would say:

Less and less people are playing D3 regularly these days, every season loosing more and more.

So why make the game even worse than it is?
This game mode isnt hardcore anymore. Loot is given to you. Paragon makes grinding back after a death easy. This game is a joke now.

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