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As with other Blizzard game titles, the time has arrived for the Diablo III forums to migrate to new forum software.

There are a few important things to note about this migration process:
Existing threads will not be carried over to the new forums
The existing forums will be available in read-only mode for some time after the Forum Migration completes
The same forum categories that you are used to will be available on the new forums
Logging into the new forums will be no different from the current forums; just sign in with your existing account and you'll be good to go!

We’re targeting the forum migration to happen between June 24 – July 9th – we are letting the community know early so they can be prepared for the switch to new forums.

We’ll keep the community updated as we get closer to the dates above and post about when the final switch to the new forums will happen.

You may have questions about the upcoming migration. Please feel free to ask them in this thread and we'll do our best to check in and answer as many as we can!

We're looking forward to our shiny new community space and hope to see you there.

Edit: Made a small adjustment to the last bullet point to correct some erroneous information.
not really sure i like that idea.. i'm not fond of the other sites.
and losing my 3,000 posts.. blech

maybe the bright side will be the monkeys on the web team will give us access to !@#$ that we don't have access to, that we should have access to.
I think they must carry over forum reputation like post numbers etc?
according to cheetah, nothing is carrying over. basically everything is fresh at 0. and from what I see, the more you post, the higher level you get in posting like level 0, 1 , 2 etc.
06/25/2019 11:28 AMPosted by homerjnick
I think they must carry over forum reputation like post numbers etc?

They don’t. WoW didn’t and Overwatch didn’t.

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