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Looking for help on season 17's conquests. Need to complete 2 more of them. I want to complete all the acts in under 1 hour. Just need someone to be able to teleport fast along side with 2 other people. I can sit in town and talk to whoever I need to. If possible I would like for someone to help with one other one as well, your choice.
Have a look at the leaderboards for doing the campaign in 1 7 is too hard to do because of clunky mechanics.

Best bet is to the other 3...Avarice is 1 and that is easy...Thrill is easy as to do a GR45 solo with no set items on a LoN season is way too easy and for the last simply level up 2 classes...get the three set items they each have and do a GR55 with each set.

They are all far easier than the 1 hour me...I've done it twice and it is requires much practice, RNG or a partner who knows it very well.
you are missing the whole point here..

Avarice I have to do it MYSELF & farm goldskin n lvl boon to Lvl50

LoN season but I again have to do it MYSELF it is very hard work to play the game MYSELF to farm whatever items & gears needed for GR45 furthermore it has to be ancients.

this is too hard GR55 with 6 different sets I dun have the time to farm all this I will not complete it even season last for 1 whole year. I hate to play this game MYSELF

I require the 1 hr speed run because I will be staying it town doing nothing while others do the work. I played D3 to stay in town & 99.99% I am in town waiting. the 0.01% is I go in portal to take drops or whatever.

So please DO NOT tell me how to play this game, I am staying in town waiting for drops or rewards so help me & DO NOT tell me how to play D3 because I am a PC D3 veteran with P102 I played D3 since S1.

& yes my P102 is earn by just staying in town
Actually, you can just do bounties for Avarice.

By yourself, of course. Bahahaha

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