Monk NDE failed to prevent death

Bug Report
Playing as zmonk (character name "zero") in a 4 man team last night I encountered 2 failures of NDE in the same grift 135.
1. Multiple grotesque explosions occurred. NDE was not active so I tanked this as I normally do to provide the best support. I died immediately - no 2 second safety. I respawned myself and the NDE timer was activated (at start) even though I was still under the short period of unvulnerability after respawn.
2. About 3 minutes later, again died to grotesques with NDE not active, but this time on respawn NDE timer was not active.

I actively monitored the NDE. It was not active in both cases before death.
There was no visible lag occurring. Frame rate was 60. Ping normal green (USW server) about 200 ping.

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