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Why does Blizzard not have any more movies in the works cause I liked Warcraft!?
Cause the Warcraft movie was a complete disaster and didnt really capture Warcraft 1 at all and kind of just verred off into some weird love story. It was terrible
06/25/2019 09:56 PMPosted by SeaBigBear
Why does Blizzard not have any more movies in the works cause I liked Warcraft!?

I saw Warcraft in theaters and it was truly epic! I also own it. I'd love to see a Diablo movie. I would totally geek out.
The real story of deckard cain. The viciousness of a man who kidnaps his niece and tells her weird stories and concocts a war and demons for the sake of keeping her held hostage... How real world family abuse happened in a bizarre medieval village.

It's a story of slow abuse that lead up to the mans death and the recovery of a woman held hostage and brainwashed for decades.

That is actually probably the underlining story of the diablo series, so... Notice deckard cain is there till the end telling people about demons and slowly taking over their lives!

He just kept doing it over and over to random strangers. I think he was the reason for all those dead people.
To be honest I rather liked the Warcraft movie, lore inconsistencies be damned. It's not the greatest movie I've ever seen, but I still enjoyed it for what it was, a rather generic high fantasy romp. It's just Warcraft has a lot of lore to try to cover, and where do you choose to start a story in that world that would not be torn to shreds by some group of fans because they believe that starting point is the wrong choice?

It's that kind of "no way to win" situation that makes me wonder just how good the Magic: the Gathering series will do when released. No matter which part of the multiverse you choose as a starting point, there is going to be quite a few players that feel that it's the wrong place to start.
Most people missed the movie the week it was in the theatre.

I has to stifle my vomit while watching the Warcraft Movie. It was horrible! Hopefully Legendary Pictures will get it right next time.
I took my wife and kids to see it in the cinemas and we all loved it! Telling such a big story in less than 2 hrs was always going to be hard but for what it was....it told the story so well my wife (who isnt a gamer at all) now understands what I'm taking about when geeking out with the kids xD
Eh, thought it was ok. Movies from Games just rarely works out as its hard to explain the story in 90-150mins.
I rather they do what Castlevania did and make it more of a series instead of movies.

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