Skeletal mages not attacking/ Disappearing

HI, lately I've observed that skeletal mages are not attacking targets and just sitting next to the target sometimes. They are not doing this every time but is noticeable during bounties. During rath runs also I saw this yesterday. (Between on my WD have same issue - sitting next to the monster and my dogs and guantanamo are standing behind me instead of attacking - I'm standing next to the target not moving!!! They are not busy with other monsters, just sitting behind me)
Biggest issue also is that freshly casted mages disappearing immediately after casted!!!
Example: I start GR / Bounty or rift - similacrum, cast the 4 mages and not even a second pass mages are gone!!! Good thing is that is not doing it all the time but frequent enough.
They are disappearing with your cheat death passive "Final Service." I learned that the hard way hehe.
I haven't noticed this in my game so far, but maybe I should keep an eye out for that. However, I have had plenty of times where my golem just stands there like an idiot when he can easily walk up to a nearby enemy and hit them.

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