Vyrs/Chantoo Cooldown vs Attack speed

I've researched some regarding what are some of the better amounts of cooldown for the Vyrs/Chantoo build. Some have indicated 57-60% is a good range, while there are others than do fine with 55%.

I'm running right now at 58%, I have a pair of well rolled non-ancient Vyrs Gloves that have Int, CHD, CHC, cooldown. I've not been lucky with RNG, but I do have a primal pair of Vyrs gloves with Int, CHD, CHC, attack speed. Rolled on CHD in place of "all resist".

Is there any advantage to going with 55% cooldown and the additional 7% attack speed on the gloves?

06/28/2019 06:35 AMPosted by Redi
Is there any advantage to going with 55% cooldown and the additional 7% attack speed on the gloves?

Not particularly.

For higher GRs, you should be pretty saturated on attack speed just from Archon stacks alone. With 7% attack speed on weapon and IAS from paragon and Gogok, you need 209 stacks to cap out at 5 APS (fewer if you run Enchantress or Obsidian Ring). That's pretty trivial to hit, just a 159 Swami stack + 50 from Fazula when you enter your next Archon. And additional IAS over that is wasted, since you can't increase your attack speed beyond 5 APS. It might have very marginal benefits during the last couple seconds of Archon after your Swami stacks expire, but we're talking maybe one extra on-hit stack here.

Higher CDR and higher attack speed is beneficial for poor and mediocre rifts, where you might have big stretches without enemies and lose out on some potential stacks. Extra CDR and attack speed can definitely help there. Same goes for speed rifts, a little extra CDR and attack speed helps get you rolling faster and speeds up your clears in mediocre rifts.

Running 55ish CDR can be beneficial over 57-60, because it frees up a couple slots for additional DPS stats, e.g. 10% damage on weapon or average damage on rings. At a certain point, excess CDR is wasted. You'll still want to stack Chantodo's to 20 (or close to), so your target CDR should get you Archon off cooldown around or a little before you hit 20 Chantodo's stacks. 55ish CDR seems to work well for that, the excess is largely wasted. You can use those excess CDR rolls to take DPS stats instead.

If you have a large variety of gear to pick from, having CDR on gloves and a ring with average damage/chc/chd is definitely preferred over int/chc/chd/ias gloves and a cdr/chc/chd ring. Same argument for 10% damage vs. CDR on weapon.

If you have crazy high paragon, you could make the case for quad gloves (ias/chc/chd/cdr) but even at 2500 paragon I think I'd still prefer int over IAS on gloves. If you intend to fish even a little bit (5-10 rifts), in a good rift you'll be rolling enough stacks that the IAS on gloves is basically irrelevant. Extra damage stats will definitely win out in a decent rift with decent mob types.

In your case we're talking non-ancient w/ cdr vs. primal with IAS. That one is tough because it gets you an extra augment. What do you have for rings? I'd rock an ancient average damage / chc / chd / 195+ CoE with the non-ancient CDR gloves over a CDR CoE with the primal IAS gloves. But If you don't have any appropriate ancient average damage rings the primal IAS gloves are probably your better option since you don't need the CDR. The IAS is kind of a wasted roll, but it'll get you some extra int from the higher mainstat roll + an augment if nothing else.
Thanks so much for the detailed response, I really appreciated the advice.

Yeah, rng hasn't been giving this season, still working on an ancient COE, putting damage on the future ancient COE and keeping the non-ancient Vyrs gloves with the cooldown seems like a good path to follow.

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