Krysbin's use in LoN Thorns

I've stuck at GR90 and decided to check leaderboards to find a clue. I noticed that some of the top players use Zei instead of Trapped. I do not see any source of slow left. What is the use of Krysbin's then?

1. Is there a source of slow I missed (Thunderfury on follower or follower's skills)?

2. Do they rely on a hard CC like golem's stun to proc Krysbin's?
But stunned mobs do not attack and do not proc thorns, so what's the point?

Thank you
I checked your Paganka Necro char that you are missing something,
you have to drop items like your "Golemskin Bracers" check the secondary, it have 3310 Thorns damage, you have to drop your other items similar; secondary Thorns damage with in.

here is an old example from my NS Thorns Necro char;
YuhunSuhan why do you have crit on your thorns necro since skeletons cannot crit?

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