Brigg's + Krysbin's effect?

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Does Brigg's pulling effect activate Krysbin's triple bonus effect?
I use the Bone Spike stun and can see my dmg spike, but not when monsters get pulled-in.
Am I missing a key piece for the combo?
The Briggs pull does not activate Krysbin's damage bonus on its own, but the slowing aura from a level 25+ Bane of the Trapped will activate Krysbin's 100% damage bonus to slowed enemies when you pull them close to you with Aura of Frailty. To get the full Krysbin's bonus (300%), you'll need to apply a hard crowd control effect to mobs, like the stun from Bone Spikes @ Sudden Impact or the freeze from Land of the Dead @ Frozen Lands. You could also use the Dislocation rune on Bone Armor (instead of Thy Flesh) to quickly stun enemies around you.

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