Can't gift Diablo 3: eternal collection

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I recently tried to gift the Diablo 3: Eternal collection to one of my friends, but when choosing the person i wanted to gift to, the tab would let me choose anyone. I then tried to restart my pc and see if that would help, but then the "gift" option wasn't even available. Is this a bug? or is the eternal collection not able to be gifted? and if it is a bug, when will i be able to gift it again?
Shop provides me with the option to gift Diablo® III: Eternal Collection.

D3 Eternal Collection

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It let me.
You have to be friends online in BattleNet for it to work.
Your friend must not already have the product.

I got all the way to the Pay Now click to be sure it didn't error out in the middle of the process.

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