Seasonal progress lost multiple times.

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I've been questing through the seasonal bounties for 3 days now and none of my progress has been saved. I've had to replay Act 1-2 bounties 4 times now. I'm over it! All of my items are saved and my experience is saved but every time I complete an entire act and log out its like I never did a single bounty when I get back in. I have gone through the Scan & Repair action on the desktop app and it installed updates but the problem persists, if not worse now. And I've played on different servers and the problem is still the same. If i cant progress what's the point of playing the same bounties over and over again. It's like 5 steps forward 5 steps back.

I know there is a server communication problem happening here but I've checked everything on my end and it's all green and working properly.

What the heck man? Help, I love D3 its my favorite game!

Bounty progress is not saved between game sessions.

After you compete all 5 bounties in an Act, there is a message on the right side of the screen that says "Talk to Tyrael in (town) to collect your reward".

07/03/2019 05:12 PMPosted by Spliffmunky
every time I complete an entire act and log out
Why on earth would you complete the bounties and just leave the game without collecting the bounty Cache from Tyrael?

You don't have to do all 25 bounties in a game to get your reward, just Talk to Tyrael after you complete an Act, and collect your Cache!
There is no persistant world in D3. Once you leave a game (and there are no others in that game), that game instance is deleted. There are no map saves, no perma dead enemies that save between game instances.
Campaign has a quest structure but the maps (for the most part) will always be random layout.

Adventure mode (which includes bounties) is always a new world every time you make a game. No world state is saved.

This is how the game works and is intended, not a bug.

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