LoN MH Lite Meteor | T16

While piecing together builds from the pieces I'd collected in my stash -- builds such as Ice Orb, Melee Orb, and a variety of meteor builds -- I returned to the standby and took another approach at it.

With the dawn of the Bazooka Wizard using Archon to buff damage, the porting over of the Archon skill seemed reasonable. Before, the build stacked elemental damage and attack speed, while also using Strongarms for extra damage.

It changed then to using Archon, and applying a dose of CDR.

Basically it's something like this:
    Helm: Swami
    Chest: Tal Rasha's
    Shoulders: Mantle of Channeling
    Bracers: Ranselor's Folly
    Belt: Fazula's Chain
    Pants: Swamp Waders
    Gloves: anything ancient (St. Andrews Gage perhaps)
    Boots: Nilfur's Boast
    Main-hand: Deathwish, or In-geom
    Off-hand: Etched Sigil
    Rings: CoE / HoK
    Amulet: anything, maybe Eye of Etlich or Halcon's Ascent

Cube: Grand Vizier/Leoric's Crown/Oroz
Lightning Meteor
AT, Static Dishcharge
Teleport, safe passage
Storm Armor, power of the storm
Energy Twiser, storm chaser
Archon, pure power

And of course the Paralysis passive.

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