Stricken: BH,Fracture,Vaxo,ST,PE,etc?

I'm trying to figure out how many stacks I can get in and out of archon. I really wish it were easier to find up to date info on exactly what does and doesn't proc stricken. Not sure how much IAS is useful also. It might help with stacking outside of combat. Or stacking Slow time for increase attack speed for both. (TeleportVaxo)

I think I can get 7 stacks per second in archon. But out of Archon I wonder if I can get more.

I've heard Slow time gives stacks(not sure how or from what.). Do Black hole and Vaxo, Fracture Slow time give them also? And what about PE? I'm not sure what else on their would give it besides Storm armor possibly.

Is it worth changing my crit damage on my amulet to ATS for extra speed out of archon in base form? I'm trying to figure out if it's useful for base stacking without archon. I'm assuming if I do a reverse archon thing I can improve my stack times. Or can you not get out of archon. I though you could exit it early somehow. It sounds like you can't dump archon early for stacks without loosing them.

I'm still testing, but does everyone in that build work in archon mode and regular. I don't think fracture works in archon mode.

Does anyone know how many times BH can proc stricken if any. I now it doesn't work with obsidan or it only procs once. Even one second would be huge though for stacking black holes.

I was wondering how many black holes and Slow times I can stack for maximizing potential stricken stacks out of archon.

If fracture and vaxo help stack I might be bummed I can't get theo in this build. Unless I dump archon.
Stricken's internal cooldown is tied directly to your attack speed.
Yes, but I've heard it procs from seperate spells. Meaning each spell that procs it is additive.

So, while I have 2aps I can get 2 per spell potentially. I'm trying to figure out what does and doesn't proc it and how much it can get.

For example:

1. Black hole: Once per tick of damage(15 over 2 seconds.), once(at beginning), or none?
2. Slow time: How and when does this happen?
3. Fracture: Slow time: See above.
4. Vaxo: Does it count and if so I need to figure out numbers and see how much I need/want theo gloves. And do theo gloves effect fracture to increase cast times.
5. PE: Does it proc, If so per tick or once?
6. Static Discharge. At 5aps would it be 15 procs or 5? Plus do bolts count?
7. Storm Armor: Does it proc? I hear it averages 1/second hit rate.

That is why I stuck so much IAS. I wanted to get as much stricken proc outside of archon. That way I have two modes and reverse archon is useful as well as normal. It's potentially a bi archon build. Assuming I do it right.

BTW, does PE help get stricken onto mobs and multiple target?! If so that is potentially a good combo for pre boss.

Do theo gloves increase cast time on both vaxo and fracture. Fracture currently procs slow time and sometimes Event Horizon for defense. Not sure if it's helpful or not. I could focus on theo gloves and dump Primus hypothetically. Although that might mess up my stats a little make me refit for mana on crit and other things a little. If primus causes it to stack stricken it might loose too much from the lack of speed and damage bonuses. Depending on how many I can stack.
You can't stack faster with multiple spells.
I've been told multiple times that if you have a second spell it allows more than 5aps. It's 1aps per aps per spell.

Why do you think it doesn't stack with more spells running?
07/08/2019 05:58 PMPosted by Aital
I've been told multiple times that if you have a second spell it allows more than 5aps. It's 1aps per aps per spell.

Why do you think it doesn't stack with more spells running?

Dont know who told you that, thats not true. Stricken ICD is APS /. 9.

It doesn't matter how many skills you cast at same time, d3 only register 1 skill cast at a time when there is casting animation.
I'm pretty sure 0.9 aps just means it takes 0.9 seconds per aps.

If you have 1 aps on the sheet it means you stack it in 0.9 seconds. This should have to do with subtle timing.

So, if I have 5aps on sheet it should be 5/0.9=5.5555 a second. This would then go for each spells being cast and determined by other factors.
07/08/2019 09:11 PMPosted by Aital
each spells being cast and determined by other factors.

This is the thing. Majority of times you can only cast 1 skill at any given time. Try spam 2 skills with a casting animation at the same time. You ll see 1 skill cast 1st and another skill cast nxt even though you cast 2 at same time. This is how d3 register keys/skill interactions. Therefore majority of times, stricken is only stacked once per skill, you can not stack 2 stricken simultaneously with 2 separate skills that proc it.
07/08/2019 06:54 PMPosted by celtic08
Stricken ICD is APS /. 9.

Stricken ICD is 0,9 x FPA (FPA is the Animation Length of the last Hit)

that s why it doesn t make sense to use multiple skills
(alternating 2 skills with more than 10% difference in their Base will cost 50% of Stricken Stacks for example)

Channeling Skills are totally different
05/03/2018 12:21 AMPosted by Lutzer
Seems that a lot of channeling skills are locked at their Base APS means 60 Frames
ICD Stricken is 0,9x60 = 54 Frames

Arcane Torrent:
13Frames/Tick --> 4 Hits 52 Frames < 54 Frames --> Stack after 5 Ticks
12Frames/Tick --> 4 Hits 48 Frames < 54 Frames --> Stack after 5 Ticks
11Frames/Tick --> 4 Hits 44 Frames < 54 Frames --> Stack after 5 Ticks
10Frames/Tick --> 5 Hits 50 Frames < 54 Frames --> Stack after 6 Ticks

Rapid Fire: same mechanic

@Aital re you talking about that?
05/02/2018 11:03 AMPosted by S4v4G3
I recall a conversation with couple wizards during last big ptr (power creep patch) and I know that they were using some akward mechanic with skill alternating for increased Stricken stacking. I will try to dig it up one way or another, I kind of memorize every thing I’ve ever read.

not sure if that ll really work and would require 2 non-interrupting skills for a maximum Stricken Gain of 10%

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