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Is anyone else having problems with gaining experience? I just came back to the game after a few seasons away. I made a fresh character (WD) and started a game on T1 in the hopes of doing rifts. I reduced the game difficulity to expert and master to see if it would change my experience but there was no difference. I have also tried doing T2-6 and still same result.

When I opened my inventory to check how much Bonus % exp I was receiving it says 0% for Bonus Experience on T1 and 0% Magic find, BUT the Gold find says 300%. Extremely Confused.
Wrong forum.

Try posting in the General Discussion Forum: or the Witch Doctor Forum:

Thank you.
How is this the wrong forum? It's clearly a bug with the bonus experience from increased game difficulty not being applied...
07/07/2019 11:39 AMPosted by DarkSorc05
How is this the wrong forum? It's clearly a bug
If that is true, then you've done all you can do: You reported your "bug".

Blizzard does not respond here. They will read your report. If they can reproduce it, they will fix it.

Please read:

Thank you.
Just because something in the game does not work like you expect it to, does not make it a bug.

You need to post in the other forums if you are unsure, and when you find out that you were mistaken, you will have saved yourself the embarrassment of making a bogus bug report.

Torment level XP is not shown on the character sheet. That number is the amount you get from items.

Not a bug.

If you are not sure how something works, it is best to post a question about it in another forum, instead of making bogus bug reports.
Why would it not show bonus experience in character sheet, yet show gold find THAT COMES FROM TORMENT difficulties in the character sheet. Doesn't make much sense. And considering it is a fresh toon and I have no items equipped where is this magical 300% gold find coming from?

If it's Bogus bug report then they can move on. Im telling you on my end experience is not being calculated properly. Id love to know how i'm embarrassed by creating a thread on a website.
07/07/2019 11:58 AMPosted by DarkSorc05
It doesn't matter.
It was designed that way, so it is not a bug. Read the link posted by Perusoe on how to write a good bug report. Feedback about the game is not a bug, and belongs in another forum.

07/07/2019 11:58 AMPosted by DarkSorc05
Id love to know how i'm embarrassed by creating a thread on a website.
I didn't expect you to be, but you should be for making a bogus bug report.

Do some research first and find out if the thing you think is a bug, is actually a bug before reporting it as such.

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