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i have the problem that my archon stacks alsways start by zero but i use a swami in cube.

i see the archon stack on my hud, and i start archon again the counter begin by 1 meanwhile the archon buff with "XX" stacks run out...
They don't add on top of each other.

You should see two separate stack counters, one for your remaining Swami stacks, and a second one for the stacks from your new Archon.

Like this: (it's an old screenshot, but the Archon stack counters still behave the same).

The Swami stacks only last for 20 seconds after your last Archon ended (or less, if you wear a Swami with a less than 20 sec roll). This includes time spent out of Archon. So it's possible to lose them before you reenter Archon again, if you spend more than 20 seconds out of Archon. But if you reenter Archon before the Swami stacks expire, you should see two separate stack counters, one for your old Swami stacks, and one for your new Archon stacks.

You also appear to be missing a Fazula's Improbable Chain belt. This might also be where some of your confusion lies. This is what lets you start Archon with 40-50 stacks. Without the belt, the stack counter will always start at 1. Swami just lets you have overlapping stacks.

Thank you very much for your explanation and time.

So it was just my mistake.

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