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Diablo 3: Eleven

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Two days ago I celebrated my 11th Anniversary making wallpaper artwork for Diablo. I thought I'd make this anniversary wall a little different. I tried to find a piece that defined each year either with a special wall or a personal favorite.

Here's a list:

2008: My Diablo 3 Desktop - http://fav.me/d2bfjb8
2009: Inner Sanctuary - http://fav.me/d2bq2wt
2010: White - http://fav.me/d2zmkt9
2011: The Inner Sanctuary - http://fav.me/d4bntxh
2012: Locations II #1 : Softshack's Caldeum - http://fav.me/d4ybaic
2013: Malthael: Angel of Death - http://fav.me/d6uavzy
2014: Caldendar #2: July 2014 - http://fav.me/d7p6kx8
2015: Kanai's Cube: A Tribute - http://fav.me/d93bqef
2016: HotS #11: Li-Ming the Rebellious Wizard - http://fav.me/d9qih4k
2017: Season 12: For the Balance - http://fav.me/dbt3yd0
2018: Diablo Immortal #1: Diablo - http://fav.me/dcrdkfo

Thank you all for following & enjoying my wallpaper artwork over the past 11 years. This hobby has been a labor of love since it first started. It opened so many doors to meet many people in the community & blizzard. Enjoy all and I will see you in the next wallpaper!


<3 these old forums. Onward to the new ones!

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