Fun Archon Build! Fracture+EventHorizon+

This build uses as much of teleport fracture, slow time, and archon as possible. I use the non archon stuff atm while leveling with ancients in seasonal until I get full sets..(And archon for bosses.) Teleport:Fracture uses Slow Time: TimeWarp/Strechtime and Black Hole: Event Horizon. very good CC and protection from enemies. Easy constant Teleport.

The premise for this could also be converted to a LoN build. But I have no idea how strong it can get. I'm running that basically now in seasonal until I get better stuff. And you could throw in manald heal during seasonal and something else. Could you use obsidian to speed up and only use black hole with etched sigil? Or would it not reduce it's invisible cd from etched?(preliminary testing says no.)

It's very low on damage compared to other higher builds but it might be fun for speed runs.

The second build is the highest dps I can figure out besides using COE. Which from what I can tell is the same DPS when considering all 16 seconds. Unless getting higher crit chance improves this. You would have to replace Broken Promises with COE and replace other stats to get Crit Chance.

If the stacks is at 180 divide the damage by 9000 to get accurate numbers. If it's at 50/50 then divide by 2500 for accurate numbers.(Always half the individual multipliers.) I think teleport build is at around 1.84 trillion base chantodos hit and the other would hit around 10.9 trillion per chantodos hit. The second build assumes your Enchantress has Ess of Johan. Enchantress should use the knockback ability to help with damage bonuses in both cases.

I started the season to late and sadly probably won't get very far with either of these. If anyone thinks they are good and wants to try them feel free! Not that they neccesarily are.

Edit: Odd idea. Isn't the fastest way to stack BotS to hit with black hole over and over again? This build would be ideal with it's movement and defense. It's literally doing 15 hits per second(DoubleBlack holes) If you just do black hole and use teleport for slow time. Plus you get 2-5 per hit from arcane strike. That is around 15-20 per second potentially. At that point you have to weight IAS vs damage and see how fast stacking BotS increases for an overall kill. In fact you can get 4xBlackHoles up at once for 28+IAS(2-5) potentially. Or does Black hole only proc BotS once?

Did anyone miss this as a potential high end build. It's pretty specialized and Low DPS so I wouldn't be surprised if it was glossed over as a concept.

And apparently black holes pick up gold! 8)

Edit2: If Black hole is restricted to 5aps max that is a shame. I think you can still get 10 stacks per second from the duel attacks and snapshotting though. Or is it (4x5)+2-5(Snapshot)? That might still work out. Possibly 22-25 stacks per second as it's 4 instances of black hole and Archane Torrent. That still makes this a massively superior Bane stacker over archon mode potentially. And adding the fire version with the explosion at the end could increase it to (6x4)+2-5. Although it does ruin some of your defensive abilities. I wonder if Blazars explosion causes BotS stacks to proc.

How much does slow time and other things add to the proc development. And does it proc obsidian to speed up castings?! There are too many unwritten rules. I don't mind the mechanics but It needs to be transparent somehow. Maybe in game info that gives up to date info on these parts of the game or something.

Wouldn't slow time with fracture make it 5x4(4black holes) + 5(Arcane Torrent) +2(SlowTime) = 27 stacks per second? Are there any others? You would have to snap shot this though I think.

Else: (2x4)+2+2=12 stacks per second.

If Blazar procs would it be: (5x4)+5+2+2=29?
Else: (2x4)+2+2+2=14 stacks per second.

Isn't archon mode only 7 stacks per second? Or am I missing something. I still haven't figured this out right yet.

Does this still work this way. And can it help add stricken procs?

Edit: I'm starting to wonder if this can be used to get 8 or more black holes. Possibly much more. And massive slow time stacks.

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