Cannot Complete Season 17 Journey BUG.

Bug Report
Completed everything from Chapter 1 to Guardian.
On Champion it says "Complete Champion" but "Conversion Incursion" will not check off. So far I have 4 set items extracted but it wont check off as "Completed". Help please, Thanks.
What do you mean by "extracted"? You need to convert one set item to another one of the same set by using the 4th cube recipe (it requires 10 forgotten souls, 10 death breaths and a set item of a 3+ piece set).
Not a bug.

"Complete Champion" is the requirement, don't mean you had already completed Champion.

If "Conversion Incursion" doesn't checked, that means you haven't completed the objective.
Re-read what the objective is very carefully for "conversion incursion". Not a bug, user error.
Thanks everyone! Got it!! Totally user error!

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