Torment Levels Reset randomly to Normal

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A recurring problem: The Torment level of my Diablo characters keep resetting to Normal at random times. It just did it again while I was playing my Season Character CraggliaV. It is now 2:08 PM on 6/30/19, EST. I think it reset sometime in the last 20 min. I was playing my other Seasonal character, CraggerII, for about 15-30 min. I can back to the level 70 char and decided to do some keys. I noticed I only had 1 Regret key and then went to look for which realm the Regret key was in as I can never remember. Then I couldn't find it, anywhere. Took me a while to figure it out. I had been playing on Torment Level 6 most of today.
This has been happening for at least 2 Seasons, perhaps 3. This is the first time it happened this season. The Characters' Torment levels reset to Normal at random times. I "rebirthed" a Seasonal character recently but I did that a day or two ago. Weird stuff has been going on with my character. For about 15 min today, on CraggliaV, everything that got close was dying instantly. That was sweet but I couldn't figure out why. Still haven't. Then it stopped when I entered a dungeon, of course, so I died, of course. lol . It's just weird. Thanks for your help.
Can't see a bug anywere, new characters are locked to T6 until you reach lvl70 you probably just forgot to raise it once you reached lvl70.

Can't for the life of me make any sense of your second paragraph other than you were playing normal difficulties then entered a GR probably too high level and got killed.
Well, it happened again . Character on Torment II got reset from Torment II to Normal. How's that? Go away. I would prefer a Blizz response. Thank you. Have a nice day.
06/30/2019 11:19 AMPosted by Cragger
Thanks for your help.
07/05/2019 02:39 PMPosted by Cragger
Go away. I would prefer a Blizz response.
Good luck with that! This in not a help forum, it is a one-way bug reporting forum. If Blizzard can reproduce a bug, they might fix it in a future patch.

If you are playing with another player, they can change the difficulty level if they are the leader.
My guess is even though you are running higher torments, that you join games from friends or public and the torment is lower and saves as your default as you log out... to find that when you log into a new game, it stayed at the lower torment.

Not a bug.. Nor is Blizzard going to address it here... 1 way report, no feedback.
If you think it is more than that, consider it reported....

Personally in all 17 seasons, i have not had an issue where it wasn't from me joining someone else game.

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