Different Platforms, How Do We Game Together?

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I play D3 on PC. My buddy plays on PS4. Is there a way for us to game side-by-side? His system makes him log into a Sony network. I haven't tried logging into to anything. I just want to two-player game with my buddy. Does Blizzard support this? If so, which steps do we need to take to log in and buddy-system this wonderful game?
Crossplatform is not possible and won't happen ever. Not only are consoles a cheatfest of hacked item, PC and console versions are mechanically very different games.

One of you must buy the game for the other platform. Or just couch co-op with your buddy on his PS4.
These are separate and isolated.
You can't unless you both have the same game on the same platform. You need your own PS+ subscription, and your own PS4 :)

Or he can get it for PC, and you move in together and host pyjama parties.

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