Why not T31 difficulty to normal rifts?

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Check the thread by Fangskin.
It covers the amount of paragons necessary to inflict and avoid damage at higher levels.

With that in mind, you can probably calculate what each player might need to even attempt GR150 solo.
Just an observation and it's a bit more than most would think. Without a calculator just glancing at Fangskins figures, it's likely around 9K paragons minimum.

07/04/2019 02:28 PMPosted by Damo
Softcore is for scrubs, play the real game

You're really poopies at the "real game" considering how often your toons die, even with cheat-death passives AND a cheat-death amulet.

Which makes you even worse than a softcore scrub.

Torment should be a sandbox area for casuals who want to optimize their endgame
with many fun builds.

but np when Torment gets a higher level, creating an unneeded second Grift parcours:
-i play T13, until my fun builds can go higher.
-no meta pushing builds for me.

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