hc player more skilled than sc?

Are Hc players betther at their game than Sc players? opinions? i say yes and no. but if a hc player and sc player would compete who dies first on timer and hig lvl grift. hc player would win. hands down.
I don't think we can say one category of players is better than the other in general. They just have different strategies. And many people (including myself) play both SC and HC, actually.
I believe playing HC makes you a better player because you hone up on your reaction to avoid death.

I'm not sure HC players are necessarily better than SC, that's too much of a generalization, although I do believe SC players can become better if they play some HC.
No. However, I do believe that casual Hardcore players like myself probably have a better understanding of the game mechanics than casual "softcore" players, simply because it becomes a matter of life-or-death. Otherwise, I believe the difference between the two groups of players comes down to how each one feels about the prospect of permanent death. It has nothing to do with skill level.
Well...when I play SC with my SC buddies that don't play HC...they die a lot. Like really a LOT. Like they are more dead than alive. Did I mention they die a lot?

There does seems to be an awful lot of things that Kill them that are pretty obvious and can be avoided.

So at the very least when you play HC your senses and awareness seems more adapted and sharpened to avoid damage and you will use your situational positioning to execute your skills better.
07/04/2019 07:24 AMPosted by Hartsias
Are Hc players betther at their game than Sc players?

In general so true.

I know SC players hate to see this truth revealed on forums or in game chat.

HC players know the game better because they have to.

HC players don't die 20 times in a gr. They can only die once.

So, that very fact forces the HC player to do better.

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