Disconnected (1016) but still able to play?

Technical Support
It seems like the this error pops up incorrectly a lot of the time, as a lot of the times you really are not disconnected. I have proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C_kaGrkEsg

The disconnect popup just blocks my mouse input but I'm still able to play. I am able to run around with force move and avoid monsters and use skills, able to teleport to town, can see other players in town run around, and wait in game until someone turns in a bounty (which I did receive)

Once you click "OK" then the game disconnects you, so it can be wise to stay in the game to wait for people to turn things in if the timing makes sense.

I find this to be extremely common, in fact I don't think I've encountered a real disconnect outside of turning off my modem. I imagine a lot of people might encounter this unknowingly due to the dialog blocking mouse input.
Feel is true. Very rarely. This is just holy shot no more.

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