Any of you guys run zDPS WD for 4-man groups?

Witch Doctor
I'm wondering if a zDPS WD is still viable at GR100 above for 4-mans. It would replace a zDPS monk. It doesn't have the apart of the META or ultra efficient. Just viable and definitely not terrible. The 4-man runs would be with friends/clan mates so I don't have contend with over the top, toxic opinionated types. I know spamming Horrify/Paranoia are out given CC immunity.

Your thoughts, opinions (non-toxic), ideas.
I got a zpds build for 100 -110 with wd. Can work well enough for that level. I think all classes can work if you want to try random stuff, just most people dont want to try.

Edit, just checked it looks like one of my not season has the build on. Misisng leoric crown and rorg in cube for aome reason.
BBV has a heal rune, so if you cube the ceremonial that cools it down, you'll do fine.

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