Blizzard, please make Trag'Oul great again!

Hey guys,

the three most interesting class sets in terms of game mechanic are Thorns of the Invoker, Raiment of the Jade Harvester and Trag'Oul's Avatar.
I would really love to see Trag'Oul's being great and competitive again. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any Trag's build that can really stand up against the other Necromancer sets: LoN mages is stronger, LoN cold lance is stronger, LoN thorns goes through the roof, Pestilence cold lance is a no brainer, LoN blood nova is better, Inarius cold lance and blood nova plays way more smoothly. Especially the LoN buff ruined Trag'Oul for me.
Another issue arises from LoN Star Pact with Archon: This build is so strong, that groups can easily clear content that a Trag'Oul boss killer just cannot handle anymore. I could have harmed Bloodmaw way worse had I just talked to him about mobile games. It feels so unsatisfying.

Again, Trag's definately need some attention.
totally agree with you!

just created a Trag'Oul's Blood Nova build;

but its not too effective comparing to other builds as well.
I have hopes that it will be buffed. Keeping that gear stashed away for the day it does.

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