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Hey fellow Diabloans (Diabloens? Diablouns?),

I'm at a conundrum right now and wondering what everyone else's thoughts are? Typically I only play on Hardcore as I felt Softcore was too easy in D3 where you are basically always invulnerable from death as a 10% duability penalty is ridiculous since you can cough out 10% durability funds at high tormeny levels easily and revive at corpse means you really don't ever fear death and can run head first into a molten explosion.

Now - I was playing a fresh season Hardcore character, died, got frustrated, and switched to softcore, but now I feel again for the reasons I stated above, its ridiculously boring.

What do you think? Is softcore too easy? Hardcore too hard? Where the heck is the middle-ground where D2 was - if you die you start always at town and have to either get your corpse back or exit/start a new game to get your corpse at your feet. I mean in D2 it still was a pain to lose a ton of gold even with this and people tried to avoid death. Seems like D3 it just doesn't matter? Needs to be addressed in D4, that's for sure...
I play Hardcore and Softcore, though I only dabble in Hardcore. I feel there's good to both. I don't mind in Softcore that death doesn't have much of a penalty, but I also really really try hard not to die in Softcore. If you're rushing headlong into Molten or firing projectiles at Dune Dervishes in Softcore it is my opinion that your playing wrong not that I want to tell people how to play. That said, I'm also prone to a mistake now and again or guilty of pushing on even though my cheat death has proc'd.

In Hardcore, you have to be more careful, that's for sure but you have to look at it like your character is doomed from the start. Because, playing Hardcore, you're likely to mess up at some point and if you don't, then a random disconnect might get you.

I guess what I'm saying is you can play Softcore carefully and make it somewhat more difficult and take your mistakes personally which is what Hardcore forces.
Hmm I like that perspective. Thanks!
I've always considered the loss of experience to be the penalty of dying as a softcore character in diablo 2 lod, not gold (as that was rather easy to farm up).

That said, if you feel that Diablo 3's softcore is too easy, just stick to hardcore then. If you die in hardcore, make a mental note of the cause, and take steps to prevent it from happening again. Honestly, there's little need to feel conflicted regarding which game mode to play in, just pick the one you enjoy most.
D3 is easy, pure and simple.

The only reason I play "only HC" is because SC is way too boring.
There is nothing about SC that makes the game fun,,,,,,,,, no thrill, no excitement.

HC is exciting and keeps me in the moment!
Softcore can still be challenging because when you're in those high GRs you don't wanna die and you don't wanna miss the timer. Softcore also gives you the opportunity to try out different builds and tactics because you don't risk losing it all because of a moment's carelessness or a freak happening.

Chetanji is not wrong in what he's saying but comparing his profile to OmegaWX's he is playing hardcore like most of us are playing softcore.
I kinda like that point - my only concern is that hardcore and softcore items and paragon dont' carry over, so I feel like softcore I have to completely start from scratch, but that said - it is a good "safezone" to test out builds and strats, agreed. Or, just play in a low level torment level in hardcore.

Generally for hardcore - I don't proceed a level up unless I can get through a rift without getting to either critically low hp or die once (where the auto revive abil takes over) - there are times unfortunately the enemy strikes so fast that the auto revive occurs and you die again almost instantly.

Sigh...again - I wish it employed just a tad more "fear" in dying by at the VERY least warping you back to town always or lose exp/gold. 10% durability loss is honestly just a joke. I had to google if that was it or was it a perma durability loss because I just couldn't believe Blizzard would employ such a pointless debuff since duability loss is nearly pointless in D3 from the massive gold you get now. In D2 and definitely D1 durability was always a pain point.

Look - For D4, I would really hope they have 3 modes, softcore, "normal", and hardcore, where normal is maybe a D2 death cycle somewhere, but I would also hope all modes share the same paragon levels and items so we don't feel guilty playing on 1 mode or another.
07/01/2019 09:45 AMPosted by OmegaWeaponX
Is softcore too easy?

Face-roll easy with almost no consequences for death (you might miss a gr finish with too many deaths)

07/01/2019 09:45 AMPosted by OmegaWeaponX
Hardcore too hard?

Hardcore is pretty easy too. Here death has a few more consequences: you lose 10 minutes getting the character back up, some back-up gear and leg gems. I only use for "A" gear when I am doing any high level gr's. Farming, low gem leveling, stuff like that I always use a back-up set for that.

I like playing hardcore when I need a lesson in patience and caution and a little bit of a challenge. I like to play softcore when I feel like mindlessly killing stuff or playing with friends (that is the mode all my friends play). I like to change up what I do when I play a game (running gr's non-stop is boring as hell in my opinion), so softcore and hardcore lets me play different ways with different styles.
Hardcore Mode or Softcore Mode?

Fun mode: arcade blaster
Considering the distinct possibility of the servers farting and you dying without warning, or getting disconnected, only to log back in dead, Hardcore is generally NOT recommended.

I only did Hardcore this season so I could get the 3rd conquest. The second I did it, I salvaged all my gear & deleted my toon because I have no intention of playing it ever in Non-season.

It's pointless to do so when you're at the mercy of always-online and Blizzard's potato servers.
Personally, I think non-Hardcore mode (or "softcore") is a joke. I do not take the game too seriously with Hardcore mode, either, but the prospect of permanent death adds a shot of adrenaline that is otherwise absent from a lot of video games. I cannot ever go back to softcore, because it lacks the only aspect of the game that holds my attention.
07/01/2019 11:08 AMPosted by Chetanji
There is nothing about SC that makes the game fun,,,,,,,,, no thrill, no excitement.

The thrill of a lag spike causing you to permanently lose hundreds of hours of progress? I don't mind the heroes I've lost due to my own stupid fault but the ones that were due to lags / disconnects are incredibly frustrating.

It's just a different way of playing. On softcore I can push things in a crazily dangerous way and know that the worst that can happen is that I don't beat the timer on an especially hard level of GR. On hardcore I tend to be a lot more cautious because I know one mistake will screw me over.
I've never played softcore - it's for scrubs that have no skill so they cant play other games and just want to sit there mindlessly doing rifts.
It's exactly as the name implies - soft.
07/01/2019 02:33 PMPosted by Damo
I've never played softcore

Your career page proves that's a lie...
Loose your hardcore toon to lag spikes, ISP issues, server crashes etc etc. I dont bother with hardcore. Nothing special.

Nuff said
07/01/2019 02:33 PMPosted by Damo
I've never played softcore - it's for scrubs that have no skill so they cant play other games and just want to sit there mindlessly doing rifts.
It's exactly as the name implies - soft.

Lol your career page looks soft as hewl, dood. 104 SOFTCORE paragon and considering the frequency in which so many of your HC toons die, all that shows that you're really bad at this game. IE "no skill".
HC is fun (if rather unpopulated) but the real reason I can't play it anymore is I don't have enough character slots/stash space for SC, so one game mode had to get the axe...now, if I could make an extra 5-10 characters, it would be simple and easy (play both modes!) But as it is, I would lose too much god gear on SC to justify playing HC again.
I only play hardcore. Softcore feels like a waste of time and you could just corpse walk till a boss or hard trash mob dies but let's be honest the game is too easy now so no game types are engaging or rewarding now. And since all DLC was canceled for d3 I don't really see any point in playing outside of seasons but even then the rewards we get mean nothing since the game will never get another content patch.

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