"Boon of the hoarder" not working

Bug Report
Hello there,

I just got "Boon of the Hoarder" to drop at 100%. But the last two days it is just not working. There is no extra gold dropping.

Here is a small video that shows this phenomenon:

the video is about 45MB and just shows a few seconds of play.

Please fix
to make it a bit more interesting:

I just realized that the "Boon of the Hoarder" does not work when you enter a new region. It starts working just after a chest is opend or some gold out of a chest got collected. After that it seems to work (but still not at 100% it seems to me).

I’m on my phone, so can’t view the video, but I assume you are using WD pet build. If so, it’s a known issue. Temp fix is to remove and re-equip the item containing the gem.

Seems to be an issue with pet kills not triggering the gem.
Hello Timberwolf,

yes, i am using a WD pet build. Thanks for the workaround, re-equipping will do for me....

Have a nice weekend


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