Nat rapidfire in group

Demon Hunter
Given the recent solo of 134 with Nat rapid fire I can see potential for a group meta. LON rapidfire is not far behind wiz Starpact solo. Nats solo has more dps than LON, yet can slot much more damage in a group by adding CoE and Wolf.
Comparing roughly where LON and Nats rapid fire differ :
LON damage multipliers :
LON CoE HF 60fire BaitTheTrap : 98.5 * 1.5 * 1.08 * 1.43 = 255x
Nat Travellers : 141 * 2 = 282x
Defensively Unity+LON vs Nats 60%. LON has about 66% more toughness.
Meanwhile Nat has about 10% more dps. Swap Elusive for CoE and boar for wolf in a group I can see potential I am going to test this out.
Nats is also much easier to gear, especially if you have a trifecta amulet.
One very big issue with Rapid Fire is how the DIBS modifiers from other class/item buffs don't strongly influence its damage in a group setting. For example, when Wojhanni is bringing rapid fire's skill damage up to 3000%; strongarms debuff is only netting 1% extra damage.

So the group composition should be different, you'll want classes that offer multiplicative/chc/elemental/attack speed buffs/debuffs.
I noticed it feels weak. Nats is also very squishy when removing elusive and boar. Sad.

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