I need some help please

i'm using a wizard this season, and i cant seem to get above GR 65. T13 bounties are hard for me to do. i think i have good stats, compared to other peoples stats i've seen. but when i try to do solo missions, all i do is get my !@# kicked all over the map. i really have no ideal what i'm doing wrong. could someone help me out please ?
Well, looking at Zophie I can't help but wonder what build you are trying to play. I guess it's a LoN channeling build, but your setup is kind of Tal Rasha style with all four elements and it's weird.

I don't even know where to begin.

If you want to play a LoN channeling build, perish the idea of doing damage with the channel skill. That's pretty much possible, but you need at least twice your paragon level and augments on every item and you need fitting gear for that. In your situation you want a damage dealer that does its job. That would most likely be Meteor, but you are missing at least two key items, namely Etched Sigil (source) and Nilfur's Boast (boots). Ideally you'd also want to use Grand Vizier (2H staff, cube), but that requires wearing an ancient Deathwish and as long as you don't have that, keep it in the cube.

Then, with LoN you don't need four elements. Focus on one element and get the elemental damage affixes on amulet and bracers. If you are going to use lightning, then switch Meteor rune to Thundercrash. Not to mention that RoF can be replaced with a support skill like Familiar. Sparkflint. And replace Dominance passive with Unstable Anomaly.

Get Crit damage on more items, you are missing a lot.

Then replace Arcstone, that thing is useless. Better wear Karini (along with Storm Armor) or use Karini in the cube. Also Halcyon amulet... you don't even use Archon, so what will this item do apart from being ancient and having double crit stats?

There's plenty more to do, like using the Templar (properly geared, obviously) and using legendary gems that actually work (unlike Mirinae and Wreath of Lightning), for example Zei's, Bane of the Trapped or Taeguk. Even Bane of the Stricken is not something for T1x farming.
thx for ur help Lexa. all tho i dont have a some of the items i still made some changes and now i can do GR 70 and T15's. i'll keep an eye out for the other items, cuz i really wanna know how much damage i can do.

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