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I posted this in the Bug Forum, and was told to post this here, so here goes.

I'm running Win10.

Instead of the game arrow, it switches to my system arrow in my inventory and I can't do anything with the items I hover it over.

It also does this whenever my characters reach higher paragon levels. Doesn't matter what type of attribute I get whenever my characters level, it's always on the 3rd choice and I can't click on it.

I also noticed that it does this while I'm playing, also. A small section of my screen area will turn to this system arrow as well, and I can't move my character either. I have to move my arrow until it turns back into the game arrow in order to do anything.

Any suggestions?
07/05/2019 07:41 PMPosted by RutoFlame
Any suggestions?
Switch to other display mode: Fullscreen, Windowed, Windowed(Fullscreen)

I know, you said you had tried this on other thread. This is the only work around known.
Windowed (Fullscreen) mode works for many cases.
This issue seems caused by Win10's patch.
07/05/2019 08:51 PMPosted by Maskraider
This issue seems caused by Win10's patch.

I've always run D3 in fullscreen mode and never had this issue. I'm currently running Windows 10 version 1903.

I'm glad that switching video modes fixes the issue for people who are having the issue. But, I can't help wondering if there isn't something else causing this rather than just a Win10 Patch.
@Perusoe That was back to the first Win10 large upgrade (once or twice per year) since 2(?) years ago.
I'm sure not all Win10 users hit this *bug*. Otherwise the forum would have flooded; but the number of posts is still large.
Yeah, I just tried all that again and still nothing.

I'm still confuzzled by this prob.
Remember: Win10 use and full confirmed at the Gray Cube.
Things to try
- uncheck "large cursor" if using (D3/options/video)
- if have set Win10 (settings/display/scale and layout) above 100%, set back to 100%
- exit both Blizzard app and Diablo3, delete D3prefs.txt, reboot
- contact support (in-game issue/performance)
SilverFox. How is you understand at from differens this settings from options?

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