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New Player Help
First of all I would like to mention I have wanted this game for a long time and I am really thrilled to finally have bought it. Now logging into the game I admit I am slightly daunted by my new purchase.

I do not know the classes at all, so could anyone please tell me what a good beginner class for the game might be? Keep in mind, I am not a 'thypical' gamer at all, and as a result I would prefer to not play the harder/advanced classes at all. I prefer ones with some user friendliness to them that might be easy to learn, without a huge curve.

My previous gaming experience is honestly solitaire games and Facebook match 3 games, but I wanted something I can sink some time into now.

Also, how can one find new friends in this game? I know there is multiplayer options, and I long to meet new people that I can spend time with and play with if possible.
As far as an easy class to gear and play, I would personally recommend Demon Hunter. I also enjoy Crusader, Witch Doctor, and Wizard, but Wizard is a bit harder to play and gear, if you are just getting onto the game.

If you go the, you will find all the most popular and powerful builds, where they explain how to play each build.

As far as finding friends, I would join one of the powerleveling communities, and either wait for someone to offer powerleveling, or just post in the chat and ask your questions there, or post that you are new to the game and would like some help gearing up.

There are a lot of helpful people in the powerleveling communities, and that is how I made most of my friends.

I will send you a friend request. Please feel free to message me in game if you would like to play together, or would like advice, or help gearing up.
Before you get too far into the game, the first thing you need to do is go into the Options menu, under Gameplay, check the boxes for "Elective Mode" and "Advanced Tooltips". Enabling those 2 options are a must.

As far as which character to play, it is more about what style you prefer. There are 17 difficulty levels along with 150 or so Greater Rift levels. Any character can handle the easier difficulty levels, so don't let that stop you from playing a particular character, especially if you just want to play around and not get too focused on pushing Greater Rifts.

Communities are probably the best way to make friends, as well as finding a casual-focused clan. I would strongly suggest you do not get yourself powerleveled. It is far better to level up a character yourself and learn what the various skills do and how the gameplay works. That way you won't get hopelessly lost when you reach level 70.
Hello freind,

Actually I bought this game back in 2012 when it was 1st relasted, installed the game and played a few hrs only. Then, I get distracted by other thinks, like life and kids.

Last night, I instaled the game again and I am hooked. Can't wait to play it tonight.
I chose to play on Hard so it should not be that diffiucult at this level.

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