Disconnecting in Hard Core mode - Never play this again. Sorry.

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I´m HardCore player and it´s the 4th death in a month and it seems to be server issue as my connection is on cable and very stable with other members playing other online games with no issue. What´s the point of playing HC with the server like this? In the middle of the game, I feel that I´m alone and I can read the message that I died but I´m still on the game once I got the message saying the connection error happened. If this is bothering softcore player, what´s the point of HArdCode player. I´m fed up of hours playing to build a decent char and die in 2 seconds. Cheers
News for you...
Server is not the issue or everyone would be complaining and getting kicked, losing characters. Forums would be flooded...

There are many nodes and hubs and server hops from your computer to their servers.
Any one of those hubs could lose connection, drop packets and have some kind of latency.

D3 is very sensitive to packet loss and latency.

None of this has anything to do with battle.net servers.

You may need to run a wireshark or some other network tool to see where your connection to Bliz servers degrades.
Oh... and just incase you missed it.. there is a blue sticky that would help this issue.

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