Will reforge legendary re roll worse stats?

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Finally found compass rose and pig sticker but both legendaries don't have sockets and have crap stats (intelligence instead of strength). if i reforge it, is it guaranteed to re-roll better stats or is there a chance the stats will be worse?

or should i just try upgrade rare to get one that has good stats?
It will randomly reroll all the stats as if it were a newly dropped item.

It could be better, or it could be worse. Might be ancient or might not.

If you have an ancient and reforge it, you still only have a 1/10 chance that it will be ancient again after the reforge.

There is a very good chance that it will have your mainstat, though, so if you reforge an item with your crusader, if will most likely roll with Strength, even if it had Intelligence before.
If you reforge it, it will roll as of it was a new drop. This could be better, or worse.

But, if you reforge with the STG character you want to use with it, smart loot will make it STG instead of INT (a very high probability, but not perfect). And that will take care of at least one poor roll. That is at least a good place to start.

Sockets in weapons is best gained using a R-gift. A legendary consumable that drops just like any other legendary, only you can't get it from the cube upgrades.

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