Minimal gold dropping?

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I am playing on torment 16 and while killing mobs there is little to no gold dropping. I have been trying to complete avarice for one of my conquests but this is making it a fair bit harder to do. I thought somehow it was my toon and when I switched to my barbarian (who I don't even have fully geared) the same issue is occurring. I do not have anything in the cube or equipped to cause gold not to drop. I do still get gold from caches and from the end of greater rifts. Nephalem rifts are doing the same as being out in the world doing bounties. Elites do drop gold but it is in tiny amounts (6k range). I am certainly not a high paragon level and definitely not drowning in gold :)
Not a bug.
That's not exactly a helpful response. If it's not a bug, then what is it? This is occurring on my non-seasonal characters as well.
07/04/2019 05:28 PMPosted by Rosa
That's not exactly a helpful response.
And this is not a help forum. It is a Bug Report Forum. You already did all you can do.

You report a bug. Blizzard reads it. If they can reproduce it, they will fix it. They do not respond here.

The only response you will get here is from other players. Forgive us if we don't give you the answers you want to hear. Try the New Player Help Forum or the General Discussion Forum if you want to discuss the issue further.

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