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If we gave the best player the best gear in the game, would it be possible to clear GR 150 solo at paragon 800?
Mathematically impossible at p800.
It would take a couple months inside a single rift. Within 15 mins? Absolutely not.
maybe in console, yes..
Leaderboard speaks for himself just look at it.
Considering with the occasional exception of only a few, most of the #1 spots generally have players with 4,000-8,000 paragon points and they generally are somewhere between 125-135 on average.

In short as Jay said above mathematically not possible - you'd have all gear imbued to 150 which at 800 is impossible even tagging along and doing nothing because GR's at around 140 you 'd not only pass 800 in no time with the XP, you would not have the damage or resistances up enough. It'd take you 5 minutes to kill a scarab.
8,000, possible.
Yes, wouldn't be too difficult tbh. Assuming gear is augmented of course (otherwise, we'd have survivability issues).
If we blocked para at 800 that is. It's obviously not possible to clear it "before p800" cause high lvl grs give so much xp.
(edit: assuming 4 player group obviously)
Impossible. Even the ones clearing GR130-135 still need to up their damage by a factor of 10 (135s) to 23 (130s). Remember that each GR you go up you need to increase your DPS by 17%. I doubt very much that 150 can ever be cleared solo as its already taking 4000+ paragon's to clear 130s with near perfect gear. 140 should be able to be cleared as the 135's only need to double their damage and the 130's need to increase their dps by a factor of 5 to get there but 10 to 23 times more damage, i don't think that achieveable with max stats and max paragon with a perfect rift.
The highest GR solo on NA leader-board I believe is mine on wizard GR139. I can probably do 142-143 and I have over 7k paragon. I believe it is not possible to achieve a solo 150 even with more paragon and gear unless there are some drastic changes comes to the game in the upcoming patch.
Thanks guys. Just to be clear, you can have 150 gems, all gear augmented to the max, you can be over paragon 800, but self cap it to 800. The rift should be good tier with best mobs and pylons.

I was just wondering if it was possible to clear a GR 150 solo with the best gear and gameplay. But it's not mathematically possible.
What about at 10000 paragons?
07/01/2019 10:45 AMPosted by SevenShadow
What about at 10000 paragons?

Still not possible.
Just look above from achilles
At 139 you would still need to increase your damage by a factor of 5.6 to clear a 150 in the same amount of time. 3000 para's wont give that. Even at his best estimate of a 143 you still need to triple your damage to get to 150.

7100 para is what about 31k main stat from paragon another 9500ish from Augments and another 7k from gear stats so what about 47k main stat around para 7100. 2900 paragon is still only 14,500 more main stat so what maybe another 60% damage increase (if that). Still well short of tripling it. At 60% you only get to GR146 if 143 was the current best possible.
Chest pounding about higher rifts is also about pure luck. Many players will keep reroll/restart the GR to get the map they want etc. Further, pylons, maps, monster density and monster type play heavily into it.

With that being said.

Play what ever GR the game gives (no restarting until you get what you want) Repeat the higher GR at least 3 times then you can pound your chest and yell mommy mommy look at me all you want.

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