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Great info Sixen, i can't wait for D3 to play my DH!!! /w Sixen send me a beta key plz!
Even after reading this and having nearly next to no idea who I'm going to play this class...

...I still want to play this class.

Thanks Sixen! :)
Awesome info Sixen, cheers!
i cannot wait for d3.. gonna play demon hunter.. on hardcore :)
Very nice. Cant wait to start my Demon Hunter!
Just like my first hunter was a nelf female, my demon hunter shall be female :D
This is awesome. I hadn't realized there was so much great information about the demon hunter floating around the internet. Now I can run off and start planning my builds already. =)
Male DH.

My first character.
Yea Yea DH lets do it!!!!! Blah Send me a beta key!!!!!!
They pulled molten arrow? Awww... That looked like a lot of fun too...
not sure how extensive beta is but is there any chance we can get someone from the F & F beta to fill in all the unknown skills i for one would like to know what some of these things do.

Chakram, marked for death, shadow powers all sound nice, but of all the classes we know the least of what our skills do

Thanks Sixen.

I am going to play DH for sure whenever I get into this game =P
I was going with the Demon Hunter myself......but after seeing a beta clip of the monk....IF played well the monk will be a very difficult character to beat. I think monk is going to be more of a evasive TANK character....The Demon hunter will be a tough character also cause it seems that all the characaters have an evasive move but monk and demon hunters seem to be more consistent and be done multiple times!!!! Right now this is why I am choosing monk. Until they come out with a Demon Hunter player like that....monk is on my top list!
My first class !! :D Thanks for the info :P
So what was looked into and changed for the Demon Hunter? Or have the changes not been made yet?
what are the changes that are going to be made in the new beta patch? anyone know?
As all MMO's, RPG's, etc, etc, I always start out with ranged classes. I finally got the beta invite and currently installing (TAKING FOREVER!). I can't wait!
I'm going to miss strafe, but I can't wait nonetheless!
I played the DH in Beta. Does anyone else feel like the class causes a little bit too much of "shooting over your shoulder?"

By that, I mean that I felt that I would often engage a group of mobs, and essentially have to run back the way I came while shooting till everything eventually died.

I just hope that the DH will have some way to help keep enemies at bay or gain additional survivability as s/he levels.
I wanna play a female demon hunter, but blizzard has this thing where they always make the female gear show to much. So badass gear for females won't look as badass as male's.

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