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I am enjoying the WD. He has so much potential.
I'm confused the Witch Doctors mana seems to regenerate extremely quickly. I thought the WD was supposed to have slow regeneration but large mana pool. Right now it seems like the WD mana plays exactly like the wizards arcane energy.
I believe the WD will gain little more Mana Regen as he levels, so in the beginning Mana is not a big deal, in the end, it will be.
Hopefully you choose to update this on release, as the information is very outdated to be stickied, and may confuse new players, and those new to the forums.
Gonna be so much fun playing this class. Unlike the barbarian for instance which most everyone is choosing witch doctor will require more thinking and tactics!
I think witch doctor will be one of those classes that not many people play but after a couple of weeks its gonna be DA BOMB!
I've been torn on the Witch Doctor. He's so slow and i'm fearful that he's going to play like the necromancer that was just a pin cushion in my opinion.
Game takes sooooooooooo longggggggggg to install lol, can't wait to try out the witch doctor - and yea, he probably IS a lot like a necromancer; that would make sense...
Quick question guys. There is a way to "control" the zombie dogs? I mean, they seems to be set to "agressive" by default and they're attacking every single enemy, any chnace to set them "passive"?

I would've thought Firebats would summon FIREBATs from starcraft... but then that'd be too OP...
How do I toggle the attack on instead of the primary skill? Ty
Does anyone know if there is a max amount of zombie dogs that can be out at once? Just curious if there is a point to using Circle of Life and having them out already at the same time.

Also, if you can have more than three, how long do the extra dogs last?

Edit: Just did a quick search. It does in fact cap at three dogs but they seem to last until death.
Zombie dogs are "passive" when they're dead. :P
Well if you use circle of life you can use Sacrifice without equiping dogs, which seems to be a spell nobody like to use much because you need the dogs using a space on your skill bar.
hey.. heres my build and game play.

level 60, 50-60 hours game play time.

i use bears as my left click + summon dogs with final gift as my right
q = spirit walk with vaunt
w = hex with heal
e = gargantuan with stun
r = fetish summon with extra spawn

passives are 20% mana, cooldown reduction on hex n voodoos and the save life one

running hell atm and need advice on what to do in inferno

substituted lots of damage+vit for mf gear.. is it worth it? whats the deal with mf anyway.. kinda dumb how more = less

with most mob groups i let summons get agro, cast hex and then spam, i use spirit walk not to run away but to stand there invincible for a bit and spam a bit more, (I have %300 mana regen throughout the entire fight)

i have a good health regen rate + picking up health orbs from dead dogs and random drops (one orb brings back 30% of my life) + hex will be healing + potions takes care of healing. i have 20k life

when my passive on death comes in I run away and heal (tp to town takes 15 seconds???) or kite or finish them off if i can. you can kite with bears but you just have to think a little bit ahead.. cast it when they are running to you.. not when they are in range.
full spam of bears and %300 mana regen lasts about 12 seconds. my damage is only around 4-5k but bears are op so it doesn't matter.

vision quest is constantly on as i always have a need to cast hex + spirit walk (gargantuan + dogs + fetish all have long cool downs and they are cast as soon as they can be, saving fetish for unique mobs)

problems come when i have no summons left and this happens allot. in solo its easier with merc and in co-op i just hope my team can take damage while i spam.

why kite in softcore? repairing costs. oh. and takes time.. would be interesting to calculate the time spent kitting V.S time spent running back to death spot and then calculate how much money you make per second and see if its worth the repairing costs.

I liked writing this down. :) thanks for reading.

do i even need magic find this early in the game?
how long do summons last in inferno?
Atm am running WD on inferno, farming some gear and having fun.
My build is based on non-summon skills with max damage out put, mostly AoE which works with Single-target too, don't want to loose the MF buff aight?
I use Posion Darts with Splinters, does nice damage with low mana cost.
Grasp of the Dead with Health Globule spawn, just to stack some Gruesome feast.
Spirit Walk with Jaunt or Honored guest. Jaunt on boss fights or Honored guest for AoE situations. If you have enough mana pool to spam bears enough you can keep Jaunt for longer spamming and damaging, but if you're on poor gear still with low mana pool Honored Guest helps that alot.
Soul Harvest with Siphon. A glass-cannon needs it's health.
Zombie Chargers with Bears. Does crap loads of damage, works well on both AoE and single-target, Alternatively Acid Cloud with Lob-blod thingies, for low level or, problem with bears is the range and might be sometimes hard to direct 'em right, Acid cloud is for the times u dont want to focus (the 4:00 a.m playing)
Big Bad Voodoo with damage increase. Basically for doubling my DPS when killing elite packs. And also you preferably have friends in the game.

So what you want to do with this build;
I try to always find a pack with more 'n' 5 mobs to it.
I run in with Soul Harvest and Grasp of the Dead (just to keep them snugged up for my AoE), and pop a spirit walk as late as possible without dying, at that moment I have 5 stacks of Soul harvest (which heals me a lil' if I happened to take some dmg) and Spirit walk gives me mana when I start spamming my bears, or alternatively with Jaunt, keeps me alive long enough to get the heck outta there. Also I usually pop Big Bad voodoo right at start because at that moment I get the best damage out, and elites are packed nice and tight. I stay in the mob as long as I have spirit walk on, all the time spamming bears (or acid cloud if that's the case). When done I run out (or not and die, fun too) and let my friends (monk, barbarian, any tanker is good, monk heal is great on your way out) do the tanking, and go out to wait for my mana to regen and Spirit walk CD. During this time I spam Poison Darts trying to hit the elite mobs. Also using Grasp of the Dead to help people with kiting, any snare is great when there's 5 Skelly executioners on yer !@#$.

For passive skills I use
Spirit Vessel; If I happen to stay in the crowd for a lil' too long it's the best way to exit, and also returns some mana on the way.
Gruesome Feast; I'm not here to tank so why not take all the extra damage? And you're going to need those Health Globules for other things too, unless your Monk friend is a badass healer.
Tribal Rites; Big Bad Voodoo doubles your damage and I usually get 2 of those out on each Elite Pack. And also your friends like it. You could also use Grave Injustice but I've found that I don't kill elites fast enough for that to be better than Tribal Rites so..

Also if a bad elite pack is confronted, try kiting them to entrance of dungeon, put Jaunt Spirit walk on, run with with spirit walk, spam, get out right before Spirit walk ends and wait for Spirit walk CD and run back in. Takes time but sometimes you just can't 1-shot 'em.

This is atm my favourite spec and most played for me. I'll post in my future Summoner spec, and my single-target spec, and If I can force myself to do it, a support spec.

Keep your Witch Doctor mind open for ideas!

do i even need magic find this early in the game?
how long do summons last in inferno?

It's always bonus, people pay good money for low level items too. But I just ran with max damage and all possible vitality (dmg prio) up to 60 and started farming there, better money in it.
In inferno my summons get killed quite fast so I don't enjoy summoning things there, I like running without 'em. Even my gargantuan gets 2-shotted often. BUT if the summons die, that means they get hit by stuff. A summoner spec with damage reduces and lots of pets and health, with the Fierce Loyality passive skill and tons of Thorns/barbs on your gear would do wonders I believe. I haven't yet tried this, been farming gear for it now and trying it out soon, i'll post the results in as I get 'em (;
Hey yall its nick, from d2. sounds like yall got this down really well. I mean the skills and passives, itjust soundslike the game will adjust. but yes, im nick and i cant wait to get back on tonight and play play play. Thx, nick.
witch doctor rules!
Which Doctor rules ?

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